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The Moggaro 580WJ is a jet boat designed to sail in rivers, lakes and protected bays.

Unlike other jet boat designed in NZ or USA, the M580Wj has been designed considering that the boat could sail at the sea in salt water and some small waves. That´s why the structure is enough reinforced to resist great efforts, and the deck is welded all around, and the engine room is not connected to the rest of the boat, so the water (specially the salt water) is not coming into the engine room what would suppose a problem for the engine.

The hull has been designed to make perfect 360º spins and continue sailing. The 360 spin of the M580WJ is unique with only one engine.

Furthermore, the boat can slide really soft giving to the pilot a total control of the jet boat.

This jet boat is available with petrol or diesel enginel.


Material Naval Aluminium AL5083 H111
L.O.A 6,23 m
Total lenght with jet protection 6,95 m
Beam 2,25 m
Homologation for passengers 14
Design Category C (Inshore)

KODIAC 6.2 Li V8 420 HP (Gasolina)

STEYR SE 306 J38-292HP @3.800 RPM (Diesel)

Fuel Tank 185 Liters
fuel consumption

Gasolina 42 L/H

Diesel 30-35 L/H

Max speed with 10+1

Petro: 40 kt (3 px); 38 Kt (12 px)

Diesel: 36 Kt (3 px); 32 Kt (12 px)

Aluminium Thickness Hull 5mm, Keel 6mm, Stern 6mm, Sides 3mm , Frames 5mm.
Homologation CE HOMOLOGATION(Click HERE to get PDF File
Total weight of the boat 1.950 Kgs
Design Moggaro Aluminium Yachts

M580WJ Videos



    The jet boat M580WJ can make the famous Power Brake - Submarine but not so strong like the rest of Moggaro jet boats

  • For transportation, the M580WJ fits into a standard container 40´.


Where to find a M580 WJ

  • Serengetti Park (Germany): 2015
  • Ribadeo (Spain): 2017